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Dear refugees!

Welcome to the TuS Hiltrup!

We are the biggest sports club in Münster and we try to help you integrate in our society and to get some social contact.

Please take notice, that we cannot offer any kind of sport you know, however, we try hard to meet your expectations..

Before you can start, you should consider our rules as follows:

You want to take part? 

  • For a duration of two weeks you can test our training for free, after that we need your membership (you have to fill out the request for membership and give it to our office)

Costs of membership 

  • the  costs of membership for children and young people are subsidized by the welfare agency of city of Münster up to an amount of 10 € per month. The welfare agency is in Hafenstr. 8.
  • Please ask  for a request for education and sharing ("Bildung und Teilhabe"), you will get a so called "BildungsCard". This card is important, as it enables us to receive the costs of membership of children and youth people.
  • Please notice, that the Card is only valid for a restricted time. Therefore you will have to ask for this card at the welfare agency again.
  • Adult participants only pay the basic fee of 08,20 € per month.

Sports Clothings 

  • Please do sports only in sports clothings and clean sports shoes.

Our Coaches 

  • it is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions of our coaches and training supervisors

You have got further questions? 








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